Thursday, December 02, 2004

More than 190 Languages

Continuing to expand the scope of its international outreach, Trans World Radio has surpassed 190 languages and dialects aired across the globe. In the last decade alone, TWR has added more than 90 languages and dialects to its broadcast schedule. You can find a list of all the languages here.

Recent additions to the airwaves include the following for the Northern Caucasus region of Russia: Avar, Kumyk, Dargwa, Lak, Lezgi, Tabasaran and Chechen.

Also new are Papiamentu (Bonaire); Pulaar (West Africa); and Uyghur (China).

“Expanding the number of languages TWR airs undoubtedly broadens our opportunity to reach even more people with the good news of Jesus Christ,” says TWR President Dr. David Tucker. “What’s more, by adding broadcasts into hard-to-reach areas like the Northern Caucasus region and China, we can deliver the gospel to people who might not otherwise have access to it.”

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