Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Washington Park Bike Ride

A bunch of us rode our bikes in Washington Park last Saturday morning. I think everyone had a good time and might even consider doing it again sometime. :)

I've posted a bunch of pictures from the ride on our Club Photo site, and I've included two here to whet your appetite. You can click on these pictures, as well as the ones on Club Photo to see them bigger.

The road from Playa Funchi to Wayaka is really nice. Sometimes one can see iguanas sunning themselves on the edge of the cliff by the sea.

If you call ahead of time and pay a small fee, the rangers will open the park early for you. We really appreciated this because it allowed us to ride before the sun got too hot. By eleven or so, the park is broiling hot at this time of the year. Posted by Hello

Riding in the park first thing in the morning is also great because the sun makes interesting shadows. During the heat of the day, the lighting is flat and hides the features of othe terrain.

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