Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Root Beer

We are looking forward to my parents and Aunt and Uncle visiting us soon. A family tradition in the summer has always been to make home made root beer, so I mixed up a batch to get fizzy for their arrival.

The Hires Root Beer extract that we used to use when I was a kid has become impossible to find, even in New England, home of Root Beer lovers. Fortunately my parents have retired out in Pennsylvania Dutch country, and it turns out that the Amish make their own root beer too. Shanks extract tastes amazingly similar to the old Hires extract. Yippie.

Five gallons of root beer fills up about two and a half cases of the small bottles we found here on Bonaire. Maybe we'll look for a case of old Brookdale Beverages bottles the next time we are on furlough in New Jersey. Filling bigger bottles would speed up our root beer production process.

Action photos are here and here.

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