Friday, March 05, 2004

Painting Continues

Here is a shot of Ivan cutting in a window on the office wing. The unoccupied office wing I might add. We've pretty much all moved over to the Studio building, since there are only a handful of us rattling around the facility on any given day. We have more computers than people around here, but hey, they run the station for us.

Speaking of computers... we have a jazzy new firewall connecting our LAN to the Internet. The firewall is the teeny tiny blue box. The old firewall was the size of a normal computer because.... it was a normal computer. We can administrate the new firewall with a web interface, which is a lot easier than the old one, which was running a command line interface under Linux.

The really cool thing about the new firewall is that it lets us connect our LAN up to both our Internet connections at the same time. It performs load balancing and other magic to make sure we are always online and can get those radio program downloads as speedily as possible. It also maintains a secure connection to the TWR offices in Cary, NC for business info.