Tuesday, November 22, 2016

TWR360 Update

Many of the radio programs that we have on the air here at TWR Bonaire can also be found online at TWR360.  There is now audio and video content in 47 languages, and from 150 ministries and churches.

New apps for Android and iOS have been released which are faster and easier to use.  In October, we saw a 295% increase in new users connecting to TWR360 with the apps.

In October, there were 867,424 visitors to TWR360, from 227 countries and territories. This is a new record.   Brazil continues to lead the way in visits to TWR360 using Web browsers, followed by India and the Indonesia.  The USA was the country with the most visits using the Android and iOS apps, followed by Myanmar and India.

The page with the most visits is called "The Story."  The most watched video clip was "TWR360 personal Impact 2015."

Be sure to check out TWR360.

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