Wednesday, November 16, 2016

More from SuperMoon Monday

Here are a couple more pictures from SuperMoon Monday. That has a nice ring to it, kind of like Superbowl Sunday.

This shot of the moon is through a 2000mm focal length telescope in our back yard in Hato.
The moon was full at 9:51 in the morning.  I shot this at 9:39 in the evening, so it was about 12 hours past full, and you can tell if you look closely at the top edge of the moon.
Due to a broken cigarette lighter adapter, Sandra had to manually hold wires onto a 12v battery so that the motor drive would track the moon while i tripped the shutter. 

This shot of the sunset and slave huts is an HDR image made from three exposures; one underexposed to get the clouds, one "normal" exposure, and one overexposed shot to get the front side of the huts, which were jet black in the first two shots.
Our eyes can see a much broader range of brightness than a camera can capture, so the HDR technique approximates what we were seeing that evening.  The foreground probably looked a little bit brighter to our eyes that evening.

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