Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oh Noooo... another Planetary Pairing

Yup, Uranus, which not too long ago, was right next to Venus, in the evening sky, has dropped down in the sky and is right next to Mars tonight.
In the first shot, which is cropped to the actual pixels, you can see the light blue color of Uranus and the red color of Mars.  You might also be able to just tell that you are seeing a planetary disk, as opposed to a star, especially if you click on these images to look at the larger versions of the images.

Below is the same shot, but not cropped as much.  Take note of the location of the planets relative to the palm tree in the bottom right corner of the frame.  You'll need this information to find Uranus and Mars in the final shot.

Here is a wide angle shot showing Venus, as well as Uranus and Mars.  I'm not going to label the planets this time.  Look just to the left of the top of the lower palm tree to find Mars and Uranus.

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