Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Saw the Nova, Whoo Whoo

The Bonaire sky was super clear last night, so when I happened to awaken at 05:30 this morning, I went outside to look for "Nova Sagittarii 2015 No. 2."

It was super clear this morning too.  I could just see the nova with my naked eye.  Nova hunter John Seach discovered it on March 15, and it is still brightening.

Here are two pictures from my back yard this morning.  I've highlighted the Teapot asterism in Sagittarius in this shot and also drawn an arrow pointing to the nova.

The second picture is a 30 second exposure that shows some more of the Milky Way and background stars in the area.  One can also see a couple open clusters, globular clusters, the Lagoon Nebula, etc. in the second photo.  Can you still see the teapot?  Alternating between the larger versions of the two pictures will help.

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