Wednesday, October 09, 2013

World Champion Windsurfer

Last week, in Germany, Bonaire's Kiri Thode was crowned Windsurfing World Champion in the Freestyle discipline.  Bonaire's Tonky Frans finished third and Taty Frans was sixth.
The guys returned to Bonaire last night to a hero's welcome.  There were so many people at the airport that the whole road from Bel Nem, past the airport to the Stadium, was packed bumper to bumper with cars.
Here is a link, I hope, to a facebook video documenting some of the excitement at the airport last night.
An award winning video documentary titled "Children of the Wind" chronicles the story of these guys.  Sandra has it on BluRay and she's bringing back home with her in a week or two.  My parents watched it already and really liked it, so I think I can heartily recommend it here.
Pa Bien guys!


Anonymous said...

Hi Brad,

We got this dvd and are loving it! What a great story. I loved seeing Danielle and others from Bonaire.


Brad said...

Yes, and Dietrich L and TJL III briefly appear as well.

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed seeing them in the film. I really enjoyed the extras on this dvd. Be sure and watch them. They're almost as good as the movie itself.