Monday, February 06, 2012

What Is This?

Dave Pedersen was going through our technical stock and found a bunch of what we think are brushes.  The both have the same type of ferrule on the end.
Can anyone tell us what they were used for back in the day?


BillyBoy said...

Hmmmm. These were used for:
A) tickling sleeping mooray eels to come out of coral heads?
B) attaching to old reel to reel tape recorders to remove dust and static electricity while the tape was playing or recording?
C) dusting for fingerprints to find out who was eating all the donuts in the activities building?

Anonymous said...

Brad ,greetings.
These are stainless and fiberglass brushes for cleaning contacts and other mechanical and electrical pieces of equipment.They are inserted into a blue, aluminum oval tube approx.4 inches long ,which has a knurled head adjusting screw at the back.At least one of these holders was hanging on my tool board close to the bottom.I hope this helps.Regards Udo

Ps. it's a miniature wire brush (:

Brad said...

Thanks Udo, I remember that blue tube thing. Will check to see if it is still there!

George said...

An essential tool for keeping the Continental 250HF on the air. I believe these brushes are still available