Monday, February 27, 2012

New Google Eearth Images of Bonaire

I was just on Google Earth the other day to check something out and whoa, they've just added some new imagery of Bonaire for 2012.  It was actually shot in January of 2011 and is crystal clear, especially in Washington Park, where clouds used to cover up some of the main areas I wanted to see.

The newest imagery begins about half way between the TWR offices and the center of town, on the West coast and cuts straight across the island to the East coast just north of the Punto Blanku chicken farm.

I can see our trusty Suzuki Samurai (20.5 years old now) and you can find the International Bible Church at 12.169629 north latitude and 68.284764 west longitude.
The picture was taken before Siegfried and his team cleaned out the bushes and put in the new dirt for the parking area, but the buildings look about right.

The 2010-2011 rainy season was a huge one and I think that you can tell that one part of the road around Goto Lake was still under water on Jan. 17, when the image was made.

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