Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Southern Cross Rising at Red Slave

Here is a time lapse video showing the Southern Cross (SC) rising at Red Slave here on Bonaire. I drew lines along the outline of the SC in this picture, so that you will be able to recognize it in the video. You may need to make the picture bigger so you can see the SC. The SC appears at about nine seconds into the video clip.

The red blob low in the sky near the middle of the picture, is the Eta Carina nebula. This area of the sky is actually loaded with interesting objects to observe in binoculars or a telescope. Many of them show up nicely here.
This video represents about three and a half hours worth of pictures, taken at a rate of about two per minute.
The video looks best at 720p resolution and full screen. My internet connection is a little slow for 720p, but the view is worth the wait. Oh... these astronomy videos look quite different on each and every computer monitor I've viewed them on, so if you are curious, look at it on a couple different computers and see which rendition you like the best!


Unknown said...

Wow Brad! That is awesome.

Marty Montour said...

Wow, beautiful!

Unknown said...

Brad: This is very cool! I sent the link to Jim. I'm sure he'll think it's great, too!
We'd love to come Bonaire to help out at TWR again sometime during our "vacation".