Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bonaire Vortex

You've probably heard of the Bermuda Triangle, where boats and planes check in but don't check out. Well, Bonaire seems to be developing a car eating Vortex that sucks in cars and spits them out all crushed up. It all started a couple weeks ago when two medical students were driving to class, noticed their car starting to swerve around, and the next thing they new they had plowed into the giant boulders that protect the jogging path here in Hato. The car, seen above as it rests in front of our house, was very seriously damaged, but I'm happy to be able to report that the students survived the accident and are in fine shape. I don't know any details about the victims of the other recent wrecks.
This giant hole in the cemetary wall on Kaya Korona appeared sometime between the Kids Carnival weekend and the main Carnival weekend. That is a huge section of wall that has been smashed down there.

As I set out on my bike ride yesterday morning, (March 12) I saw the remains of this van resting within a few meters of the place where the medical students had their accident. Normally one would be tempted to blame Big Mo (mv) or his evil cousin Kinetic Energy (mv squared) for damage as serious as this. But all three of the above accidents happened in residential areas with 40 km per hour speed limits so I am driven to conclude that some sort of mysterious car crushing Vortex is at work. (he said tongue in cheek)

I first thought that the Bonaire Vortex was centered in Hato, and maybe had spread as far as town, but this car (also photographed on March 12) is out at Boca Onima. So it looks like no location on Bonaire is safe from its effects.
I hardly ever ride my road bike any more. Part of the reason is that the paved roads are full of holes, but the other reason is that I feel a lot safer on my mountain bike on trails and paths where cars can't go. So far it looks like bicycles are immune from the Bonaire Vortex, although come to think of it, a few weeks ago DJ got swallowed up by a large muddy bog out Lagoon way.... But that's another story.


Keith Johnston said...

Brad, Keith Johnston here, yes I remeber the days back on Bonaire when Barb and I were there. I remeber just driving along on my motorcycle and all of a sudden right at the airport as I was starting into the then, "S" turn, the ground just came up out of no where and hit me. HUMMMM that was hard to explain, weird EH. (oppss) that's Canadadian) HA!

Janelle said...

Wow, that's really freaky. I think it's really cool that places actually exist like that.