Thursday, January 20, 2011

Agentschap Telecom visits TWR Bonaire

Members of the Dutch Radiocommunications Agency are visiting the BES islands in connection with our transition from the Netherlands Antilles to the Caribbean Netherlands. There were some big meetings Wednesday afternoon. Lionel saw Joe Barker and Lauren Libby's faces on the evening TV news coverage of the events.The members of the Agentschap Telecom were able to visit the TWR offices and studios in the morning. TWR Bonaire director, Joe Barker, and TWR International President and CEO, Lauren Libby, shared details about TWR's ministry, both here in the Americas as well as worldwide.
By the way, see the book cases in the background of the picture above. They are the book and video library of the International Bible Church. Once the IBC completes building its new church building (we hope it will finished this year!) the library can return to its church home.

For now, the library resources are available here at TWR during business hours.

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