Friday, March 19, 2010

Tower Crew

Work continues on replacing all the cross braces on our four antenna towers.  Here is a picture of the team that I took a couple weeks ago.  Since then, Marty (center) has been replaced by Denny.

Marty owns a hydro seeding business in Vermont.  Since he can't exactly do seeding when the ground is covered with snow, he came to Bonaire for three weeks to volunteer his services on the tower project.

When he wasn't up on the towers, Marty was able to get in six lionfish hunting dives and three challenging mountain bike rides.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your website (the dogs in particular) but am not sure which person is 'in the center' of the six people of the Tower Crew.calickso

Brad said...

From left to right, we see Juni, Kevin, Marty, Lionel, Benny and Ivan.