Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Mtn. Bike Race Loop

Back on Feb. 21, I posted some pictures from a new trail that Miguel made on the East side of Bonaire, out by Lagoon. Well, we've added some more trail sections and some connecting dirt roads and now have a 9km race loop that Miguel and Bonaire Wellness Conexxions are going to use for a race this Sunday. It is actually more of a figure 8 configuration with loops both to the north and to the south of the start/finish area on the Lagoon road.

I've posted helmet cam video of the whole thing on YouTube. It is in five parts, shot over two days to get good sun angles. The first part is called Bonaire LagoonLoop A. Once you have the first one called up in YouTube, links to parts B, C, D and E are also visible. The videos were shot while riding at a friendly fun ride pace. Riding multiple laps of the course at a competitive pace will prove to be quite an undertaking.

Even if you are not a mtn. biker, this route would make a great hike, because of the unusual terrain and gorgeous views, some of which show nicely in the videos.

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