Monday, July 27, 2009

Tour Trivia and Team Bonaire

Well the Tour de France is over for another year. So we're not glued to the TV each evening, and I can get back to all the things I normally do with my spare time, like this blog.

One surprise in this year's Tour was the new AG2R uniforms, which just happen to be in the same colors as our Cycling Team Bonaire kit.

I'm sure you'll soon be able to get your very own blue and brown AG2R replica outfit at your local cycle shop, but think about how cool you would be if your bib shorts and jersey, upon closer inspection, revealed exotic sponsor names such as: Bonaire Wellness Connexiones, Warehouse Bonaire, Jibe City, MCB, and Karel's Beach Bar and Water Sports. Cannondale is on there too.

Here is a picture of Miguel sporting the new gear one of its first outings. I don't wear my new bike duds on mtn. bike rides... too easy to snag them on a cactus or thorn bush, but we all wear them on our 6am Monday and Thursday road bike group rides. I'll have to get and post a picture of the back side of the outfit soon. Should be easy 'cause that is the only side I ever see of Miguel when we are out riding. :)

The Kids Cycling Team Bonaire will be participating in the Antillian National Championships later this month. Bonaire Wellness is holding a community fun ride this Saturday afternoon to raise funds to help the kids with their travelling and equipment expenses. If you'd like to know more, you can find detailed information, and can download a promotional poster from the Bonaire Wellness site.


Anonymous said...

OK. I want one. How can we do this? I promise, I promise to step up biking as a result (I'm in a crash course on golf right now, but I can do this).

Rich Kennedy

Doug B said...

Is that a single leg front fork on his bike? Wow, that is pretty intense.

Brad said...

Yes, that is a carbon Lefty fork on there. If you want a "shock" to the system, price them on eBay.

My name is Stephen said...

where can I get my own Team Bonaire cycling kit?

Brad said...

Drop an email to Miguel at and tell him you saw the Team Bonaire kit on brad's blog.
The Antillean championships are in about a week. After that he'll probably know what sizes he has left etc. This kit runs quite small, so he'll probably have small stuff more than the larger stuff.