Thursday, July 16, 2009

More TWR Online Video

Thinking about some of the TWR videos on YouTube (see my last post) reminded me of a few more videos from our international TWR partners.

David Larrosa has made an interesting short feature about one of the radio programs that they produce in Uruguay. This video is in Spanish, by the way, for those of you who are multi-lingual. I've also seen an English version of this, but I don't know if it is posted online.

Kirsten, in the Netherlands, has put together a neat TWR photo montage that ties in nicely with a rockin' music track. The text on this page is in Dutch but the song is in English.

Our TWR partner in Venezuela has a clip posted in connection with their 25th anniversary. It's a true story. On a lighter note, RTM Venezuela has some happy happy video connected with their anniversary celebration party event posted too.

In this last video, Rachel Davidsaver talks about TWRs impact in her life over a period of many years.

There are probably more international TWR video clips that I have missed. Let me know if you find some.

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