Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bonaire Bike Rides

Miguel and I did about an hour and a half's work on the last single track sections of the new November race loop on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon, 12 of us rode a lap and a half on the loop. We didn't have time for a full two laps due to some pesky flat tires. This new loop is pretty demanding and harsh on the old bod, but a lot of fun. Last Saturday, the group did a ride that Chris Bogart and I used to do most Sunday afternoons. We headed north on the main road to Rincon, after riding up and over Seru Largu. We left the main road at Boca Onima and road the nice dirt roads through Morotin and Playa Grandi to the entrance to Washington Park.
The park was already closed for the day by the time we got there, because these are late afternoon rides. We then rode back to Rincon on the cement road, up death hill to the radio towers, and back to Sabadeco and on to town on the upper one of the two dirt roads.

Riding just before sunset is wonderful. It is a little cooler and the interplay of the sun and shadows is wonderful. The mid day light on Bonaire is harsh, but the textures of the landscape really pop out in the golden early morning and late afternoon hours.

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