Saturday, April 25, 2009

Poo Post Update

Does anyone remember my chicken manure post from last August? Well, it's time for an update. The International Bible Church has raised around two thousand guilders for its new church building by filling and selling sacks of chicken manure. Chicken manure is reputed to be an excellent natural fertilizer. Each bag sold generates enough revenue to purchase one block for a wall in the new church building. That giant mound in the middle of the picture is the raw material, kindly donated by the Puntu Blanku chicken farm.
Above we see Walt Bensen and Wai Man Chan (China Nobo) in action.

Pastor Baran swings a mean pick. The well aged chicken manure is pretty easy to shovel, and doesn't smell that bad at all.
A number of the young people from the church have been key players in the chicken poo production process.

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