Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Singletrack

When Miguel, of Bonaire Wellness Connections, went to a Mtn. Bike race on Curacao last year, he discovered that the race course was much more technical than our typical Bonaire trails. So, ever since then, he has been on a mission to find more technical riding here on Bonaire. These pictures are of a new single track section that Miguel has added to the old Yatu Baku race loop. The advanced riders will tackle the new trail section, but the rest of the riders will stick to the dirt roads of the mostly entry level race course.
This new trail is reasonably easy to ride, compared to some I've seen. Sections of the rocky Cannonball Trail, near Ringwood, NJ, come to mind. But the Bonaire trail has its own unique "charms."

The defining features of this trail are the fields of Tuna cactus and the thorny Cossie trees along the path. Even fairly minor rider errors will almost certainly result in some serious scrapes and painful punctures from those nasty barbed spines. Miguel calls these wounds, "souvenirs," proving that he is indeed the proverbial, ever optimistic, personal trainer.

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