Sunday, March 08, 2009

Tower Time

It is tower painting time again here on Bonaire. It was cloudy and not that rainy last week, perfect weather for working on the tower. It has been very windy this weekend, which isn't so good for tower painting. The paint blows around to the back side of the tower legs before it has a chance to dry. Oh, and it was about 69 degrees F. this morning when we woke up, brrrrrr. While Benny is on the tower, Ivan is working at clearing some of the bushes that are growing in the antenna field and interfering with the radial wires that extend radially (duh) from the base of each tower.
Benny is checking the structural integrity of one of the towers a week or two before the painting crew got started. I don't have any painting pictures from this year, yet. I may get some on Friday.

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