Monday, March 30, 2009

Stars in LA

'Well, we didn't see any movie stars during our time in Los Angeles. But we did check out the Griffith Observatory and my favorite type of stars, the ones in the night sky. On the other hand, Amazon has a list of fifteen movies that were partly filmed on the grounds of the observatory so the Tinseltown connection isn't entirely lacking.
The lights of LA were quite impressive, although smog limited the visibility somewhat.

We shivered in line as we waited for the 7:45 pm planetarium show. After the show, we could have observed Saturn through the observatories 12" refractor. But the line was loooong, it was already midnight on our east coast body clocks, and also a little on the cool side for Caribbean sensibilities. Of course, if it had just been me... no line would have been too long and I would have courted pneumonia to see Saturn in that scope, but there were others to think of.

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