Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Vocal Flamingos

We always visit the zoo when we go to Curacao to consult with Sandra's doctor there. The zoo is humble, but very well maintained, and it's a peaceful oasis on a otherwise busy island.

I shot a little video of some flamingos at the zoo. The thing I like is that they were making lots of noise, which we don't usually hear the Bonaire flamingos do. I think they are too busy eating!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Boy that brings me back. I remember Bonaire flamingoes as shy, not silent. Early in the broadcast history at TWR, my Dad (transmitter guy) or someone snuck a microphone out to a typical daylight congregation point and recorded their sounds for use as background noise for a stationbreak. I remember him being unusually delighted about that particular break.

His, Rich Kennedy

Brad said...

I remember that recording of the flamingos. I think it got lost somewhere over the years, but I certainly aired the station break with the flamingo sound effects plenty of times back in the day.
Any time I've tried to record environmental type sounds here on Bonaire, I've gotten too much wind noise in the microphone.