Thursday, January 15, 2009

Solar Electric Cars on Bonaire

ABCarrental has a solar powered car that they are encouraging their customers to try out. The Bonaire Insider reported on it recently and you can read it here. AB Carrental is set up to be the Caribbean distributor for a number of Solar Car models.
I think they are on to something, especially considering Bonaire's recent emphasis on green power technology.
But the Solar Car is a little too much like a golf cart for my tastes. If it just was a little faster than 35 - 40 kph, I'd be more interested.
I did some searching online and found another option. The vehicle pictured above is a solar powered electric vehicle that I would be happy to drive here on Bonaire. It looks like it would cost $14,000 for the solar version, plus shipping and duty. It could hold plenty of dogs, bikes or scuba gear, goes up to 65 kph and has a range of 40 - 65 km. That sounds just right for Bonaire. They have been in production since 2006 and there is a cute sedan version too. Of course, I've always been a sucker for off beat vehicles.

I wonder if we could talk someone into becoming a dealer for these aptly named "Zap" vehicles here on Bonaire? I suspect that they would sell ok, because they could be promoted as being "green" and politically correct, in addition to being economical to operate. If the govt. were to provide some sort of tax incentives like some places do, it would be almost irresistible.

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