Saturday, April 26, 2008

White Coats

Renvi, one of the students at the St. James Medical School, invited us to their recent graduation - white coat ceremony, held at the beach level, north of the Lions Den restaurant.
Outgoing student govt. president, Rhett Nelson, pictured above, came to the school from a career as an EMT - paramedic. EZ, pictured below, came after a tour of duty with the US military. Rhett and EZ were regulars at the International Bible Church during their time on Bonaire. We'll miss them.

There are a couple nurse practicioners at the school, a married couple who are both still serving in the US Army, and of course, some kids right out of college. A whole bunch of nationalities are represented, making for a diverse and interesting student body.
In the picture below, Renvi and some of the other 35 graduates are reciting the Hippocratic Oath.

Long time readers of the blog may remember that the first graduation ceremony was held at the TWR activities building some three years ago. We continue to be very impressed by, and enjoy interacting with, the top quality young people participating in this intensive 16 month program.

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