Friday, October 12, 2007

7th Annual Jong Bonaire Swim

There are loads of fun outdoor events here on Bonaire this fall. This week is Regatta week, and the 40th annual Bonaire sailing regatta is winding down today and tomorrow. And yes, we've had our annual rainy and windless weather this week as well. October and November also see a long distance swim event, running races, a couple of big cycling tours, as well as a mtn. bike race.
The seventh annual swim to Klein Bonaire, to benefit Jong Bonaire, was held this past Sunday. Loads of people turned out for this worthy cause, and a chance make the swim between Bonaire and Klein Bonaire in safety.
I had to head over to our church at 8am, to set up the PA system, and missed the start of the actual swim. George DeSalvo sent me this action photo of the swimmers getting underway.

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