Friday, December 08, 2006

Planetary Parade

Saturday night (Dec. 09) will find the moon near the planet Saturn. Once you use the moon to locate Saturn, you should be able to find it again and impress your friends. Saturn will be below the moon as you look to the East around 11pm on Saturday night.

On Sunday morning (Dec. 10) just before sunrise, there will be a very very close grouping of Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter, right down by the eastern horizon. The dogs tend to wake me up just before 6am, so I've been looking for these planets each morning for more than a week. But we are having our typical December early morning rain showers these days, so the eastern horizon has been too cloudy. I'm hoping for clear skies on Sunday, but not getting my hopes up too much.

Sky and Telescope has a great site that outlines what you can see in the night sky in any given week. I refer to it from time to time so that I don't miss anything special.

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