Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bike Ride

I participated in a great group bike ride last Saturday, sponsored by the Bonaire Wellness Connection. We started and finished at the Eden Beach resort and rode on both paved and dirt roads. The countryside is a lush green color these days, the temperatures cool (for Bonaire) and the winds low, which makes for wonderful biking weather.

Most of the ride found me cruising along and enjoying the scenery and camaraderie, but part of the time was spent in a state of lactic acid saturated, oxygen deprived tunnel vision, while I was chasing DJ and Frank up the dirt road known to some of us as "barf hill." I ride the "barf loop" many afternoons after work, but rarely as fast as last Saturday. A couple of those innocent looking ladies are also strong and tenacious riders.

Frank, owner of the Freewieler bike shop, is in the orange jersey at front left. DJ, manager of Budget car rentals is at the back left in the white sleeveless jersey, temporarily without his helmet. I'm to the right of the middle in a wine colored jersey.
A big thank you goes to Miguel, director of Bonaire Wellness Connection, (to the right of me in the white jersey with the blue shoulders) for organizing the tour. and for allowing me to use this picture. You can reach Bonaire Wellness Connection at

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