Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sunrise, Sunset...

I was reading the December "Sky and Telescope" magazine today at lunch time, and noticed that the earliest sunset at 40 degrees north latitude will be on December 7. The earliest sunset here on Bonaire appears to be around November 20! Our afternoons are already about a minute longer down here.

I first noticed this phenomenon many years ago, while doing my daily after work bike rides. I always try to get home by sunset, and one year, right about now, I thought that the sun seemed to be setting a little later, and began to investigate.

Sure enough. The earliest sunset here on Bonaire is in November and the latest sunrise appears to be around the last week of January.

Back when we lived on the seaside, I carefully timed the sunset each afternoon one year, just to be sure. It was quite cloudy and hazy this year, so I probably couldn't have checked it out even if I had wanted to.

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