Monday, August 07, 2006

More Aerial Photos

Last week, I posted a couple pictures on my blog, of Sorobon as seen from the air.

Now I've put a whole bunch of photos of Bonaire landmarks on my club photo site.

When you follow the link to my club photo site, scroll past the Rincon Day pix to get to the new aerial photos. It was a pretty hazy day, but I still enjoy looking at familiar places from a new perspective. Ernie Franke (the pilot) and I are already dreaming about doing another flight around Bonaire on a really clear day, some day.

If you know Bonaire well, you can have some fun figuring out what is shown in each photo, based on the cryptic file names. I might eventually put real descriptions with each photo, but we'll see....

There are a few photos labeled "house" that are hi-resolution images, so you can see lots of detail if you tell your browser not to automatically resize the pictures to fit your screen. Most of the rest of the pictures are around 920x680 pixels. The pictures labeled "house", also show the Golden Reef Inn, since it abuts our back yard.

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