Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Wedding Photos posted

Richard and Nancy are back in New Jersey, following a fun honeymoon at Negril, Jamaica.

Sandra and I had great flights back to Bonaire a week ago. One of the flight attendants on the flight from Miami to Curacao grew up in the jungles of southern Venezuela. He and his family depended on the broadcasts of TWR - Bonaire for a taste of home, and he was quite excited to meet someone from the station.

We took the Divi Divi from Curacao to Bonaire. Divi Dive air is a small time operation, but they are very good at what they do. The plane seats 10, including the pilot, and it was packed full. We all had carry on stuff on our laps and under our feet and could hardly move. We flew along the east coast of Curacao before heading over to Bonaire. As we flew along, we had a great view of the south end of Curacao and also of the coast of Venezuela on the western horizon. I could see Venezuela out the right window, and the mountains of Washington park on Bonaire out the left window.

I've posted some more pictures from Rich and Nan's wedding rehearsal and wedding in my Club Photo albums. They may mostly be of interest to Richard and Nancy's family and friends, but you are welcome to check them out if you want to.

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