Friday, July 28, 2006

Bonaire on Google Earth

Do you have Google Earth on your computer? I highly recommend it. It is a lot of fun to visit your favorite places online. A friend of mine recently mentioned that the Google Earth Map of Bonaire was upgraded.

I finally got around to looking at it today and yes indeedy, it is wonderful!

You can Google Earth search by latitude and longitude, among other things. (like zip code for people in the States)

Copy and paste these coordinates into Google Earth to see the TWR studio/office complex by the traffic circle. 12.167077N 68.284967W

Here is the location of the TWR transmitter site. You can see the transmitter hall and the shadows of the four towers that make up our MW antenna array.
12.106333N 68.284228W

Email me and I'll give you the coordinates of our house. Just don't want to publish that one on the big bad internet.

Hmmm.... there are some geocaches located on Bonaire. Plugging those coordinates into Google Earth would make finding them pretty easy I'd say. One still might need a GPS receiver to nail down the last few meters, but who knows.......

Hmmmm.... #2, I'll probably start carrying a GPS receiver on my bike rides again, so I can plot the track on the Google Earth maps.

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