Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Medical update and opportunity to comment

Here is another chance to use the "comments" feature to guess exactly how I managed to wound myself, in the foot this time.

The photo of my calf that I posted in August showed the result of my bike's front chain ring biting my calf when I frantically unclipped and put my foot down on a gnarly Washington park hill.

This most recent wound occurred at a missions conference in Maryland, so the much loved answer "a hungry goat" won't work this time.

Also on the medical front, it seems to be time to begin paying the price for 29 years of fun in the sun on Bonaire. I have an inch and a half incision with like six stitches in it on my shoulder where a nice young dermatologist removed a basil cell cancer on Monday. I won't post any pix of that one. I'll have another basil cell removed on Nov. 1.

I had my first colonoskopy last Friday. It went well and the doctor waxed eloquent about how great my colon looked. (You can vote on whether or not I should post pix of that one!) It must be all the raw broccoli we eat on Bonaire and all the shredded wheat I've been consuming here in the States.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is the result of a very, very large Rattle Snake attack while Brad was cycling barefoot in the foothills of Colorado. Notice the distinct two entry marks from the fangs.
Hope Brad had some anti venom in his bike pack!