Thursday, July 14, 2005

Workshop Move

A few years ago, we moved the wooodworking shop from the back of the Activities Building, to the north wing of the Studio Office complex. The next step was to move the shipping containers, used for parts and equipment storage over too, so the stuff would be readily at hand. That happened in 2003 as I recall. Here are some photos from my archives. They are sort of backwards. If you scroll down to the third photo and work up, it will make more sense.

Ivan and Benny help guide one of the containers to its new home.

The site has been prepped and everything is in readiness for the big move.

The end of the building in this picture is where the woodworking shop is now located. It used to be the Purchasing/Shipping and Receiving area. Before that..... well, storage area for the print shop maybe. This wing was radically altered back when the auto shop was moved here from the transmitter site. Posted by Picasa

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