Friday, May 13, 2005

Strange Ship Sited

I was riding my bike north along the coast road after work the other day and saw a really strange ship hanging around out in the bay. It looked like something out of Star Wars, or Waterworld.

There were little boats swarming around behind the mother ship, which was catamaran-ish. So I figured it was either a military operation, or a new fangled fishing operation where the little boats drag the giant net between the hulls of the ship, which sucks it up.

It was amusing, as I rode along ogling the strange ship, to imagine some young sailors on the bridge ogling that "strange bike" with their giant "battleship binoculars".

To learn more about the strange ship, you can visit the US Navy's web site.

I wasn't the only one to see this strange site, here is the discussion on the Bonaire Talk site, as well as a few pictures that really capture the ship as it now looks. That navy photo showed it a little too new and shiny.

There are also some cool photos and video at the ship builder's web site.

There is LOTS more info at Incat's web site. They developed the ship as a high speed ferry, and they are in use all over the world. They also currently hold the Trans Atlantic crossing speed record for ships at over 40 knots. whew!

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