Thursday, March 24, 2005

Happy Easter

For some people Maundy Thursday kicks off the Easter weekend. I've always wondered what that ment, but learned a little about it today from the Slice of Infinity daily devotional email from the Ravi Zacarias ministry.

Here's an excerpt; Today we observe Maundy Thursday. We remember both Jesus's intentional act of love in washing his disciples' feet and his mandate ("Maundy" is the Middle English for "mandate") to "love one another as I have loved you" (John 13:34).

Sandra was at one of the supermarkets yesterday and noticed that they were closed on Good Friday and on Easter Monday, but open on Easter Sunday!

On Sunday, we'll be having a sunrise service on Seroe Largu and an international breakfast at the church before the regular morning service. All of our food fests here have an international "flavor" due to the cross section of nationalities and cultures represented.

Most years, I get in a number of long road bike rides over the Easter weekend, because there aren't many cars on the roads. But the tradewinds have been "nuking" here the last couple days. That makes bike riding pretty difficult. A 25 to 30 mph. wind can pretty much stop you dead in your tracks when you swing into it on your bike. I've been riding my mtn. bike in the hills north of us the last few days. The hills block the wind some and my speeds are pretty low anyway.

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