Saturday, March 12, 2005

Antenna Testing

The tower painting is finished for now. We're thankful for perfect painting weather and for the safe completion of the first tower and part of a second one.

On Friday, we ran the transmitter at low power and took signal strength readings in a big circle around the antenna array. I would find our pre-determined test locations with a GPS receiver and Rich, Jon, and Bob took readings. Another Rich was inside with the transmitter and switched the antenna from North, to South, to Non-Directional; at each test spot. We took readings every five degrees around the circle.

Here is our intrepid crew out in the field. You can click on the picture to see the guys bigger.
This spot was under water a couple months ago!

We had to snake our way through some brush to find the test spots, but fortunately, it was the non-thorny variety. We've gotten pretty scratched up on earlier ventures into the wilds of Bonaire. Posted by Hello

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