Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Office Wing Mods

When I came to Bonaire in the 70's, the studio and office buildings were separated by a driveway. They are connected now, and what we call the open office area was added in the office wing.

In our new lean mean configuration, we've moved everyone over to the studio side and only use the first two rooms on the office side. Posted by Hello

We've been hoping to rent out the office wing so it could generate some income to help underwrite our operations here. A couple local churches were possibilities, but plans are now underway for a new grammar school to settle in here this summer.

We've already got a locking door between the open office area and the rest of our facility. Now we are putting bathrooms in two of the old office rooms, so that wing can be totally self contained. I think a second door for safety will go in too.

Here are some pictures of the work in progress. Above, you can see the open office area looking down the hall towards the old directors office end of the building. The bathrooms are going in the first two offices on the right side of the hall, which were created when the open office addition was constructed.

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