Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Dick Saunders Retires

Anyone who has listened to the English service of TWR at any time during the last 40 years will recognize the voice of Dick Saunders, but probably not too many outside of Great Britain have seen him. So I thought I'd post this picture.

Dick Saunders is retiring from his radio ministry but will continue his pastoral ministry in Halesham.

The 15 minute programs; Rendezvous and Way to Life are now off the air, but TWR will continue airing the five minute version of Way to Life through 2004.  Posted by Hello


Paulo J.Kock said...

how can i get the recordings of his radio programs? used to listen to them when i was just a teen, Rendezvous was a good bible study program.

Brad said...

Here is one site online that I found. There may be others.

Paulo J.Kock said...

Hi Brad, thank you for the link but i was actually interested in Dick Saunders Rendezvous programs, btw, i live in Aruba, i used to listen to english programming a few years ago through the 800 AM freq. but now i only get spanish programming, does TWR Bonaire have live broadcast on the internet?

Brad said...

Hi Paulo,
One of our TWR partners in the UK sends me an email every month or two when he has new Way to Life programs ready. Unfortunately I’ve deleted all those emails, but when I get the next one, I’ll reply and ask him about Rendezvous.
We don’t have any of our Bonaire programming on the Internet yet, but we do broadcast in English on 800AM each evening from 7pm to 8:30pm.

jo wright said...

i remember going to a Dick Saunders way of life crusade when i was 7. that was with my Sunday school at the time. i recently was baptized and mentioned this in my testimony. i had one of my fellow church members tell me that the crusades were still going. i just want to say thank you for setting me on the right path all those years ago. it has taken me a while to get here but after 17 yrs in the salvation army i have now come home to a baptist church and realize that the words i was encouraged to say all those yrs ago i can now say with a joyful heart and the Lord is now in my heart and i follow him gladly. he has been with me through very tough times and never forsaken me.

Hugo Christiaan said...

Good day,

I wish t express my gratitude as well for the great programs of Dick Saunders (Rendezvous) that I used to listen to when I was a teenager too. I hope he is doing well.

Hugo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands