Monday, May 03, 2004

Holiday Weekend bike rides

I got in some good mtn. bike rides over the weekend. I rode out to Lagoen on dirt roads, crossed over the salt flats to the Washi Kimba side and headed south along the big flat shoreside plateau area.

The "rock collectors" have been busy piling up all the coral rocks and boulders to take to the rock crushers. (that's where all the gravel for the concrete used in construction comes from here on Bonaire) So the shoreside plateau looks like a giant white sandy smooth billiard table, instead of its more brownish and greyish original colors.

The waves were crashing up against the shore quite nicely. (washed the salt spray off the bike when I got home)

I fixed a flat tire at Washi Kimba on Sat. and headed onward. I turned around for home at Punto Blanku, when rain clouds attacked from the southeast.

The next day, I was able to continue south along the shore until I got to a big rock wall and gate etc. There is a golf course of sorts past the gate. It is pretty rough (understatement) with lots of rocks and sand and the occasional mossy area. I may see if I can get permission to continue riding south through the golf course. Years ago I rode along the shore all the way to Lac Bay.

There are zillions of dirt roads criss crossing the countryside between the shore and the beginnings of civilization - Amboina and Nikiboko in this case. I've probably been on every last one of them over the years, but only on the main roads lately. So I zoomed up and down and across and back to check them out. There a good number of nice big luxurious Kunuku homes out there now.

Riding home to Hato was all pretty much down wind, hooray hooray.

Monday morning before work found me replacing two broken spokes in my back wheel. It is rideable now, but I think I'll take the time to re-tension the whole thing, because it was in pretty sad shape. If I go on an after work bike ride today, it will have to be on the road bike.

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