Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Bible School Trans World Radio

Some of you may be familiar with Trans World Radio's initiative to train house church leaders in China by means of the "Seminary on the Air" broadcasts and study materials. You can go here to see the Chinese language web site associated with this outreach. You'll probably have to load a language pack from Microsoft to display the characters. I didn't bother since I still wouldn't be able to read it. :)

Leadership training is actually needed in many parts of the world. Our ministry partners in Latin America report an "explosion of small churches" and a critical shortage of trained "Biblically Literate" pastors.

Our Trans World Radio - Venezuela partner has developed a "Bible School Trans World Radio" radio series as well as a training manual to assist these untrained church leaders.

Here is the cover of the manual, so you can see what "Bible School Trans World Radio" looks like in Spanish.

TWR is currently testing this curriculum with 70 church leaders in Venezuela. The goal is to roll this out across the whole of Latin America. Please pray for the team because scaling up this outreach from one country to the whole region will be a complex undertaking.

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