Thursday, November 13, 2003

Udo and Rich rip out old wiring.

While we are waiting for our new standby generator to arrive. We are taking advantage of this opportunity to simplify the electrical power distribution for our the Studio/Office site. We've had many different power setups over the years, which had left us with a dangerous litter of redundant and confusing boxes, switches, and wiring paths.

Eugene Williams and his father started simplifying the AC power distribution a couple years ago. Now we'll finish the job and get rid of the last of the accumulated extra parts. We're putting in a new transfer switch and main 200 amp circuit breaker too.

I've added a few pictures of Udo and Rich in action out in the auto shop, which is also the location for the standby generator and power panels.

When they took the (heavy) old transfer switch assembly off the wall, it landed on Udo's foot. Udo's foot may or may not be ok.

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