Monday, November 10, 2003

Rainy Season arrives on Bonaire

It appears that the rainy season has arrived, about a week ago. After not having any rain for a few months, we typically have rain just before dawn and then sunny skies all day. The the bushes are getting green, the mosquitoes are beginning to appear, and it is a little cooler at night.

It was cloudy all day on Saturday, but cleared up in time to see the lunar eclipse.

Our old neighbors, the Richters, have web cams set up at their house. The top left image shows the back yard where we lived for some 12 years or so. They also have a weather station on the page so you can see how nice it is here on Bonaire.

What I find really interesting is that all the weather information is archived and you can look at the profile for a day, week or month. Seeing the big picture is really interesting.

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