Friday, December 17, 2021

Comet Leonard Update - Dec 16


Comet Leonard has now moved to the evening sky. If i didn't know exactly where to look, I'd still probably not spot it, even with binoculars. Clearer skies would help, of course. It has been a little hazy here on Bonaire. We need one of those super clear, mega green flash type evenings. 
The wide angle picture shows where the comet is relative to Venus. The X in the lower right corner show where Leonard was on Wednesday evening. The arrow shows where it was on Thursday evening, and the X in the upper right shows where it will be on Friday evening. None of those stars were visible to the naked eye and only a few of them were visible in the binoculars. 
As i mentioned, i can barely see the comet in 10x35 binoculars. 7x50s or larger would be better. The good news is that the comet is climbing higher in the sky every night. The bad news is that the full-ish moon is washing out the sky when there is any haze to speak of. The bottom picture is a one to one crop that has noise reduction applied.


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