Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Alimento Para el Alma

Every year our Spanish speaking TWR partners get together and produce a daily devotional book titled: Alimento Para El Alma. For 2018, we also produced a Papiamentu language version of the book for the ABC islands. We still have a few left, by the way.

The 2019 edition of APA is now available. We won't be doing a Papiamentu version for 2019, but Bonaire is still represented. The front cover features one of my Bonaire flamingo photos and the back cover tells about the new 800AM transmitter here on Bonaire. You can learn about APA and even order a copy at: www.twr.org/alimento. In the USA, they cost $7.50.

Audio and print versions of the Spanish APA devotionals are also available each day online at https://www.twr360.org/ministry/13/alimento-para-el-alma/lang,2  (the Papiamentu version is also available at twr360.org)

If you don't speak Spanish, you can still enjoy the book. You can download each day's devotional and then translate it online. Here is how my favorite translator, www.deepl.com/translate
 renders the back cover of the book.

"From Bonaire Netherlands Antilles, the island of the flamingos, broadcasts Trans World Radio."
That's how RTM transmissions started in Bonaire.  Since the 1960s and from this Caribbean island, the message of Faith and Hope has been transmitted continuously.  We dedicate the presentation of this 17th edition of Alimento Para El Alma to celebrate the new power of this station that will now reach thousands of kilometers to the countries of the Caribbean and the continent of Latin America, the Caribbean and beyond.  Millions of people are being reached daily with Bible messages.
One of the attractions of Bonaire are the flamingos so beautiful in their color and majestic in their bearing.  They extract their food from the water contained in some parts of the island.  In the water is life.  Also the high salinity water in that region allows the message to spread further.  "The water of Life is Jesus and whoever drinks it will no longer have spiritual thirst.   The human soul feeds on the water of life that is born in the heart of Jesus for salvation.
That is RTM mission and from the book you now hold in your hands.  Thank you for preferring to use it this year.


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