Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Backward Breezes

Tuesday morning, I went for my first before-work bike ride after three weeks of bronchitis.  There was no wind and the surface of the sea was pretty smooth, even out by Tolo and Karpata.
There was breeze later in the day, but it was backwards, which seems pretty unusual for February.

The sky is very clear, which is normal for February.  The stars have looked great and Kevin Baker reported seeing a super long green flash on Monday evening.


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you were sick Brad! We have had some serious flu and respiratory issues here in the mid-atlantic as well... lots of people missing from work over the last month. Strange that people get sick in a place like Bonaire. I know it's goofy to think that way, but of course it happens. Feel better!

Brad said...

Thanks David,
We have a couple thousand to a few thousand cruise ship tourists hitting our shores every day, so I think that whatever is going around in the States, finds its way here pretty quickly.