Saturday, May 07, 2016

Southern Cross and Red Slave

I took a LOT of pictures both Thursday and Friday nights and then combined them into a five rows by three columns panorama.  I could have imaged the whole thing with a wide angle lens, but I wanted to catch as much detail as possible.

I used an 85mm lens on a Canon T1i (500D) crop sensor camera that has a modified IR filter.  This allows as more of the red nebula color to reach the imaging sensor.

If I were to print the original image at 300dpi, it would be around 25inches by 30 inches.  (63x76cm)
Here is a downsized version.  I'm still thinking of making a copy with the various clusters and nebulae labeled, but I won't get to it today.


Unknown said...

Makes me want to go back and makes me want to buy a print

Brad said...

Hi Yael, I was sorting my photo collection over the weekend and came across the folder of "Sandras Dogs" pictures you took back in the day. Our current dog, Coconut, is an "only dog" these days. I can print up to 13x19" here, but I'm hoping to print this one larger in the States and see how it looks. There are MothersDay/FathersDay sales online right now. :)

Unknown said...

Brad, excellent as always.