Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Moon and Planets

When I was up on Seru Largu this past Sunday morning setting up for the annual Easter Sunrise Service, I noticed Mars hanging out near Antares at the head of Scorpius.  They both looked Orangey-Red.  Mars will be getting brighter over the next month or two.

This morning, the Moon arrived on the scene, and Saturn, the Moon and Mars made a triangle in the sky.  The moon was still pretty bright, but I could still pick out the main stars of Scorpius.

The first image is a wide shot of the moon, planets and a few stars.   You'll probably want to click on these images to see them full size.

Below is a cropped shot where the Moon is properly exposed and Saturn and Mars are by the edges of the frame.  Mars is down in the bottom right corner of the cropped photo and Saturn is towards the upper left side of the frame.

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