Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Three Moons over Bonaire

I went outside with the dog around 10 pm for his final pee and saw the Moon real near Jupiter. It was quite striking.
You can use the Moon to identify all the major planets over the next week or so.
The moon will be near Mars on Feb. 1. It will be near Saturn on Feb. 3 and it will make an equilateral triangle with Venus and Mercury on Feb.5.
I shot a picture of the moon and Jupiter and when I zoomed into the shot, lo and behold I could see two of Jupiter's moons! So the close-up picture below shows three moons in total. whoo - whoo 
You'll need to click on these images to see the larger versions I think.
I am regularly amazed at what a camera can capture with a normal lens, 85mm in this case.

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